STA  is dedicated to delivering strategic solutions specifically designed to

address the unique needs of Information Technology Consulting and

 Professional Service Organizations

Strategic Technology Associates • STA USA • STA Worldwide



Practice development – STA has extensive experience building IT and SAP consulting practices and can assist in defining a cultural and organizational essence for the practice which then serves as a fundamental driver for recruiting, staffing and building the organization and achieving its goals and expectations.

Improve “bench management” and utilization – rather than having to maintain staff, STA can provide proven SAP resources to meet their client’s lower volume, more erratic and specialized needs.

Fulfill spot resource requirements with quality STA consulting resources – if an “organizational hole” develops, STA will fill it with a quality, experienced resource and minimize project disruption.

Partner to reduce overall project pricing for new or ongoing engagements – a combined STA/Client blended rate can be more competitive and in fact, necessary to win certain SAP deals.

Contribute to your pursuit and proposal activities – ranging from initial strategy to team identification and development STA is there to assist.

Competitive market intelligence on new pursuits – STA is well connected to the SAP independent resource community always keeping an ear to the ground for what’s happening in the market.

Supplement your clients’ resource needs directly – offer a lower priced alternative to satisfy specific client needs for ERP, BI or related skills, saving them money and keeping away unfriendly competition.

Introduction to new or unidentified deals – STA does not directly or independently pursue large scale project activities and regularly attempts to engage their clients in these opportunities.