STA  is dedicated to delivering strategic solutions specifically designed to

address the unique needs of Information Technology Consulting and

 Professional Service Organizations

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About US


STA is committed to the singular focus of providing Strategic Solutions to IT Consulting and Professional Service firms.  We specialize in providing highly skilled IT resources to assist our clients’ on a Contract, Contract to Permanent and Permanent employee basis.  Our portfolio of clients includes some of the highest regarded and most recognizable firms in the industry to whom we custom tailor a variety of bundled services designed to satisfy their specific needs.  STA’s dedicated focus, coupled with preferred client relationships, serves as the foundation for our finely tuned business model which enables us to offer our clients valuable product and industry knowledge, on target - rapid response, and an aggressive, favorable approach to pricing.


STA was founded as Strategic Technology Associates at the turn of the millennium by a Senior Consulting Industry Executive whose professional background and personal experience drove the development of a series of tenets by which STA does business:

STA’s low cost structure allows us to operate at lower margins and thus provide lower pricing to our clients, while at the same time offering competitive pay rates to our consultants.  Today’s competitive marketplace will not tolerate the high billing rates necessitated by excessive margin stacking.  STA’s fair and equitable approach to pricing contributes to their client’s ability to enhance overall project and business profitability.

STA thoroughly scrutinizes and stands behind the resources they provide assuming responsibility for performance, and fit with the overall project or departmental team.  There’s typically little room for error built into today’s IT budget and thus STA stays involved to assure their resources contribute by providing high value throughout the duration of their assignment.

STA does not compete with their clients for the same market opportunities.  We exist to serve a specifically defined “wholesale” market and thus deliberately do not pursue not our clients’ “retail customers.  The perpetual fear of introducing a contractor to a project team and ending up with all or a portion of the project deferred away by you customer going direct to the same, or other lower priced resources, is virtually eliminated